Includes body modifications & face lift:

It utilizes the Bio Genie machine and will reduce body circumference (size), firm the skin and reduce cellulite.

Nutritional Supplement and Skin Cream:

Designed by a Clinical Nutritionist to enhance the Bio Genie. As the fat and toxins are broken up by the Bio Genie treatment the body will remove the by-products through the lymphatic system. Along with enhancing drainage and detoxification the supplements are designed to improve the function and regenerative ability of tissues and organ systems.

Foot Bath Detox:

Will enhance the normal detoxification ability of the body immediately reducing the body's toxic load and aiding the removal of the by-products from the Bio Genie treatment.


30 seconds during a diaphragmatic breath is equal to 30 minutes of continuous exercises. You will be taught the technique and given specific exercises for the target areas of concern.

You will be instructed on how to create an affirmation to suit your desired results. Repeatedly saying to yourself a positive statement about what you want will help bring your goal into a reality. What you believe you will achieve!

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